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The Best: Salsa Verde


(15 – 20) Tomatillos, various sizes
(1) Serrano Pepper
(1) Jalapeno Pepper
(1) Large White Onion
(1) Cilantro bushell
(2) Limes
(1/3 cup) Red Wine Vinegar
(2 Teaspoon) Cumin
(2 Tablespoon) Salt
(1/2 Teaspoon) Black Pepper
(3 – 4) Cloves Garlic (fresh, peeled)

1.   Peel and rinse tomatillos.
2.   Place tomatillos on bbq grill on med-hi, along with serrano and jalapeno.
3.    Regularly rotate tomatillos and peppers until tops and bottoms of tomatillos get slightly charred — I usually rotate them all four times, getting grill marks on both sides, then charring on both sides.
4.  Chop onion and place in blender with grilled tomatillos and peppers
5.   Blend until desired smoothness — I blend on low speed, and often need to split the (initial) ingredients into (2) batches in the blender. (Pouring one blender-full into a large pot and blending the remaining ingredients into the 2nd, then pouring it all together / stirring in the pot works fine).
6.   Chop the majority of the stalks off the cilantro, leaving about an inch of stalk below the leaves.
7.   Blend the cilantro into the mixture on low speed — watching to ensure all the little pieces in the overall mixture are the about the same size.
8.   Firmly roll limes on counter to bring out juice inside, then slice and squeeze into blender.
9.   Add all remaining ingredients into blender and mix thoroughly.
10.  Sometimes the salsa will be really spicy right after making it, but will significantly cool off after sitting overnight.

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